July 24th, 2008


lost in memories

today I was desparatly looking for an old account book and  while doing this I found old letters and even a 10 year old CD with *very* early recordings of my lute playing.

Mall Simms (from The Lutebook of Elisabeth von Hessen)
some other mustc from Elisbeth's book
and a final piece

Can you imagine me getting letters sealed like this?

Now I've spent nearly all my afternoon and evening reading, remembering and .... dreaming

This is letter 2 of the 4 letters Menina wrote me that day back so long ago - and when reading these old letters all is so alive as if it would have been yesterday.

She used to decorate her letters ... some examples:

I also got a picture painted - just for me! It still hangs on the wall in my room in germany.

(I'll try to produce a better scan soon)

Oh - possibly I should add a photo of the lady I have in mind today (apart of my all-present beloved ones of the present times: those who are meant will know ... )

Not just when I read the old letters I detected that I seem to be  still the same. I also found a rare document:

("Memo" was the mailing-system on IBM-Mainframes)

So much for my memories (there is fairly much in my mind I better omit when posting ;-) )

And the suitable song is:
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