July 19th, 2008


My Saturday

Today I visited the Wildpark Langenberg near Zürich.
It mainly hosts local animals. Very nice they offer retreats for the animals. So it needs some patience to watch them. For instance I've spent nearly 45 minutes waiting to watch marmots - without success. It also took more than half an hour until I've seen some wild cats. Very rare and shy animals.

Although the picture above could as well be a common domestic cat the wild ones look very different. And *so* elegant!

of course a park in switzerland *need to* have ibex:

and the female version:

Bambi? Usually roes are very difficult to fotograph. This one was very kind and played model for me:

Just the sky

A wisent (european bison)

an elk

view in direction to Zürich

View towards the Zürisee in direction Rapperswil

And finally. Some pictures taken from my balcony - during the past week we had such a lovely sky