April 27th, 2008


a moving comment I received

[I will also make a personal comment here... I have heard both Thomas and [...] (and other lute players) at CD quality recording levels... and I think they are very modest and brave to post their recordings on Youtube... because the compression rates are NOT flattering to the players or the instruments. It is like asking a movie star to be photographed in harsh light without makeup... It requires courage, (inner beauty) and a complete lack of vanity.] I thank you all...

A very big Thank you for this nice comment to Florida
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Dalza Recital in Duebendorf

The swiss lute players are devoting this program to the 500th anniversary of the print by Petrucci containing music of J.Dalza.

For the premier performance we choosed the Lazariterkirche Dübendorf.

Jürg and me played baroque lute diets there years ago and always wanted to return because it has one of th ebest accustics for lute music I ever had the chance to experience.

A view through the window:

Here some fotos from us playing:

Ostinato vo Seguire - the complete gang:

before the encore:

Somewhere over the Rainbow:

looks relaxed, doesn't it?
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