November 13th, 2007


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I just received an email: "How do you call me?"  (original quote "horrsche ma, wie nennst du mich denn?!?!?! ;-))")
I just had forwarded a funny but nasty video I got from her with the comment "and such things I get from a blonde" 
My answer simply was "you ARE blonde" - she used to be my favorite blonde - another story. We wrote each other emails for years until she finally accepted to meet xD

But actually I wanted to write a bit about my weekend yesterday.

Possibly you know: music is my life. It extends - and to a certain degree substitutes my social life. I love to listen and to play music. So this weekend was a very good one because it was devoted to celebrate the book with lute music which was printed 500 years ago in Italy.

At the trip to Ticino the idea was born after some bottles of wine.  Then we prepared the recital in very short order.
The first event was at my place: something in between a concert and a rehearsal which I also recorded. Given the short time for preparation it didn't went too bad. I am just curious why my small A-Lute didn't want to be recorded well. I was reassured that the instrument wouldn't sound like recorded. When listening to the music on my computer I detected possible reasons: the level was nearly twice of that of the others. It seems to be a loud instrument xD   After our "recital"  we talked and as we got hungry visited a pretty good restaurant around the corner (Heidelberg).

While listening to our recorded material and adding a little bit of room to it I talked a bit to Anna and Isa - so my day was complete fun.

Sunday I woke up at 12:30. We wanted to meet at 15:00 at the church in Gossau (near St.Gallen) where the recital would be.
Lazy as I am I just made it to leave at 14:45 (which made it impossible to be there in time). Leaving the house and starting the car I found I would need to refuel. At the station the customer just before me had problems with her credit card which was eaten by the machine - it took some 20 minutes until she got her credit card back and I finally could pay my bill.

So I arrived at 15:30 in Gossau and tried to find the Palotti-Kapelle. I was there when we prepared our recitals for Jürg's Diploma years ago. I knew the church was modern - and after a while I really found the right church.
We  tuned, made our warm-ups and waited for guests.
As there was not much advertisment I didn't expect many people. I was very happy to see as first guests Alfred and his wife whom I met at the classical guitar forum. It's not a small trip from Effretikon to Gossau (some of the pictures are by his wife, others by the wife of Urs and the rest by me).
The programm was an all Spinacino one except me playing some music from the print of 1508 by Joanbrosio Dalza and a Recercare by Spinancino, apart from the 2 duets I played with Jürg and the song "J'ay pris Amours".

us performing a song by Josquin

Fairly nervous we started  but again everything went fine. As always I had the job to talk to the audience, to introduce us, the music and the instruments. And as always I was more nervous because of *speaking* to the audience than to play to an audience.

Just as the final piece ended some new guests appeared - and asked if we could play "just one or two pieces" for them again. It ended up that we repeated the complete second half of the program.

Afterwards we were invited into a restaurant (after a oddysee through Gossau and surrounding - "give us this day our daily chaos").

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