November 10th, 2007


adventure in november

Just returning from the adventure of meeting an internet contact.

While surfing the internet on the site of an internet contact I found the hint to a concert in Wintherthur this evening. I thought "Hey! a concert in Wintherthur! Better than staying at home" and decided to attend. I forgot she would see that I wanted to attend and of course soon I had a request to meet in my inbox. Immediatly I felt like I would obtrude my company and tried to communicate that there would be no need to meet. But ... never try to discuss with a girl! Of course after a while I agreed to meet.

I should have watched the signs ...

as nearly always I was a little late and decided to take the autobahn to avoid the rush hour. arriving in Winterthur suddenly a flash from behind - and in the rear view I saw the letters "STOP POLICE". A very kind and pretty (although blonde) policewoman asked for my papers which to check took nearly half an hour (My german driving licence is in change to a Swiss one bur nobody there was available for information and to confirm that I actually own a driving licence).result:: a fine of 100 SFr .
I was  probably half an hour late  to the concert  but  Nicole kindly  waited. Said "Hello" and we went into the hall. The Gaswerk in Winterthur is  a small but pleasant concert hall with a charming atmosphere. Soon Scaramouche, a Swiss skat band opend the concert. Not too bad but not really convincing. I was very amused by the guitar player who overstressed his Wah-Wah and obviously likes the "Great pose" - even if his shown skills were less than mediocre.
la vela puerca, the main act was very enjoying - party music at it's very best.! Nearly the complete concert hall was jumping and dancing. I enjoyed the music very much. And wondered about the stage divers ...
As the girls obviously doesn't emphasize my company I left soon after the concert.  Nobody  was there to say "goodbye"  - and now I'm  feeling as I would have steeled away although I have not heart much more than that "Hello" at the entrance of the concert hall.

And don't know what to think about this very evening:
The music was great but again I feel like it's pointless to meet people. Obviously I'm someone whose writing is appeciated but whose company is distressing. Have to think about it ....
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