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Today we have one of the two regional holidays in Zürich (the other being Knabenschiessen in september). It's called Sechseläuten which is meant to celebrate the beginning of spring. The term refers to the alarm telling workers the end of their working-time. In winter it was at 5 o'clock and elsewhen at 6 o'clock.

It's organized by the guilds of Zürich (mean tongues argue they still would have too much influence in the social life of the city - others say the celebration of Sechseläuten would be a employment-creating measure for the otherwise unemployed guilds). There will be a parade of the guilds in historical costumes and later the day the Böögg (a figure of a snowman symbolizing winter) will be burned. Traditionally the speed of it's burning indicates the weather of the summer.

Some more information:

the official site with fotos of the event.

As every year I completely forgot I would have free this afternoon.

Addendum: here you'll find some fotos of the event.
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