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What a weekend!

This weekend seems to be very musical.
Yesterday I played the solo guitar on the premiere performance of a modern piece for two guitars and orchestra (meant: mandolins etc.)
with the composer in the audience. He liked our performance (which will be repeated tomorow in Dübendorf)

Here is my recording of yesterday's performance:

Today first I had to bring Garry (a cat which I watched for a couple of weeks) back to it's home and then Magdalena came from Vaduz for a rehearsal.
First we checked my arrangement of a vocal piece by Marco Cara: "Fugga pur, chi vol, Amore"
I like the arrangement - I hope you do, too.

Then we played (among others) a spanish piece by Mudarra "Romance de Moriana"
Very different to the music of yesterday, isn't it?

So - now I'll try to be quiet and will have a beer and a pizza to end the day.
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