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"Indeed the ignorance of any culture beyond the pre-chewed MacKulture today's people derive from narcotizing mass media designed to by-pass the brain and impact directly on the direct nervous system is predominant."
(slightly varying a quote by Trevanian)

I like the term MacKulture - actually it seems these company famous for low level in nearly every sector except adverticement and earnings is symbolic for our society. What I've learned reading Trevanian's few sentances and thinking about it how arrogant I have been. Looking down to the predominant low level culture and the illiterate "leaders" of our society doesn't help. For instance a small story returns in my memory as I corrected the leader of the swiss branch of one of the largest IT Outsourcing Companies as he spoke about the oppsite of culture.
Now the only way to show the benefits of lteracy seems to live culture - acting as a role model. It's funny how people react and how you gain a strange kind of respect but also contempt of those considering knowledge of Tolstoi or Goethe as a waste of time.

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