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My weekend

This weekend I spent with playing the lute. Finally I was brave enough to try to tune my swiss beauty which took half of saturday afternoon. The heating period isn't helpfull when playing gut strings. Several strings where loose and the pegs were slippery.

Today I finally could practice and play.
So great to listen and to feel the music!

Some of the results of today's rehearsal.
A Suite by Silvius Leopold Weiss - just as it came out of the instrument. Surely not professional but possisly you will enjoy it:
The Prelude

The Allemande

The Courante

The Bourée

The Sarabande

The Menuet

The Presto

And an excerp of The Locatellivariations by J.B.Hagen. When playing the second variations some frets went away and the result sounded too terrible. But it's such a wonderfull piece. So I include what worked:

P.S.: Checking this posting at work I saw some of the embedded media came out strange. So I retyped it and hope, all of the files will play now.
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