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When being in Germany for the weekend I found some more fotos of me playing.

Performing with the Collegium Proprium from Koutna Hora in the czech republic was great fun.
We selected the music, exchanged the score and sent MP3 of the results to each other.
Then one run of the program when we finally met and then played the recitals.

Finally it sounded like this (Planicky, a czech baroque composer):

My longtime duo-partner on traverso (german flute), Katherine and me played very much and very often together - until she finished her studies and now works as physician somewhere else. A pity she completely stopped playing music!

and here finally two pictures which were shot at a seminar.
The seminar-orchestra:

and me and the lute teacher of the seminar accompanying the course choir (which is actually the rest of the partcipants):

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